Below is a listing of updates from our member firms related to COVID-19. If you would like to narrow the list down, you can filter by specific subtopic(s) or a country or countries of interest to see only those relevant updates.

This list has been collated from across our member firms and is not exhaustive.  Please visit the relevant member firm websites for further legal information.
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Ireland - COVID-19 legislation: Implications for the construction sector2021-01-12
United States - SBA Releases Interim Final Rules Related to Second Draw PPP2021-01-07
United States - New York City COVID-19 Anti-Harassment Laws Held Constitutional2021-01-06
United States - Maintaining Workplace Safety During the Vaccine Roll-Out2020-12-31
Philippines - Central Bank of the Philippines issues guidelines on digital banks2020-12-29
Philippines - The 2020 IPP includes “Activities Relating to the Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic”2020-12-29
United States - Congress Passes Bill to Fund Government and Provide COVID-19 Relief2020-12-22
United States - Congress Reaches Deal on New Stimulus Package2020-12-21
Hungary - COVID-19 vaccine developments in Hungary and Sputnik V2020-12-17
India - New Employment Laws2020-11-23
India - World IP Forum2020-11-23
Hungary - Physical meetings are banned again, previous extraordinary rules are re-introduced2020-11-20
Portugal - Change to the rules of sequentiality in the support to maintenance of employment2020-11-18
Venezuela Update: November 12, 20202020-11-12
UK - Fashion, luxury and lifestyle news aggregator: October 20202020-11-10
Portugal - Questions and answers about the exceptional regime of teleworking2020-11-06
UK - Business Interruption Insurance test case – both sides to appeal to the Supreme Court2020-11-05
Germany - First court decision to rule that Covid-19 Pandemic is a case of Force Majeure2020-11-03
UK - Extension of the furlough scheme in light of second national lockdown2020-11-03
Spain - Urgent measures to support economic activity in Catalonia Commercial premises2020-11-02

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