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This list has been collated from across our member firms and is not exhaustive.  Please visit the relevant member firm websites for further legal information.
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Philippines - Philippine Legislation in the Pipeline - Can local authorities regulate the internet2020-10-09
Costa Rica - COVID-19 Immigration October Update2020-10-08
Philippines - PCC Issues Rules Implementing Section 4(eee) of Bayanihan 22020-10-06
Philippines - SEC Issues Rules on Corporate Debt Vehicles2020-10-06
Costa Rica - Extension of the income of tourist from the United States of America2020-10-05
Jersey - In Brief: Jersey Employment Law2020-10-05
UK - Northern Ireland: The New Job Support Scheme2020-10-05
Ukraine - Fire Starters CEE - CIS: Hot Topics in the New World Order2020-10-05
Philippines - COVID-19 related PH Issuances Client Bulletin No. 352020-10-01
Philippines - Rules Implementing the Criminal Provisions of the Philippine Competition Act2020-09-30
Panama - Get to know Panama's EMMA Law2020-09-29
Romania - COVID-19 Legal Alert: Business stimulus measures taken by Romania2020-09-21
Germany - Extension of Corona Short-Time Compensation until 31.12.20212020-09-20
Canada - COVID-19: Cross country update (September 11-17, 2020)2020-09-18
United States - U.S. Travel Restrictions2020-09-16
Venezuela Update: September 15, 20202020-09-15
Ireland - Businesses must plan for a future where remote working is here to stay2020-09-14
Portugal - Regime of Modification and Suspension of Contracts in 10 answers2020-09-11
Hungary - The Hungarian Government introduces new rules on entering the Territory of Hungary Update2020-09-08
UK - Fashion, luxury and lifestyle news aggregator: August 20202020-09-07

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