Below is a listing of updates from our member firms related to COVID-19. If you would like to narrow the list down, you can filter by specific subtopic(s) or a country or countries of interest to see only those relevant updates.

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Germany - Law to mitigate the consequences of Covid 19 in Civil, Insolvency and Criminal Proceedings2020-03-30
Germany - Coronavirus Labour Law Update2020-03-30
Germany - Social security contributions for March, April and May 2020 can be deferred2020-03-30
Canada - COVID 19: Capital Markets and Securities Update March 27 20202020-03-27
Ukraine - COVID 19 and Insolvency2020-03-27
United States - Business Continuity During the Pandemic: Where You Need to Be By April 7 (ish)2020-03-27
United States -Historic CARES Act Puts $2 Trillion Toward COVID-19 Response Efforts2020-03-27
Canada - COVID 19: Family law and access2020-03-26
Colombia - New deadline to submit the external information2020-03-26
Canada - COVID 19: Economic meaures for businesses2020-03-26
Costa Rica - COVID-19 Comunicada2020-03-26
Germany - Order bottlenecks and now? Opportunities of short-time work - an overview - update!2020-03-26
Portugal - Impact of COVID-19 on financial contracts2020-03-26
Portugal - New ESMA and ECB measures to mitigate the impact of Covid-192020-03-26
Spain - COVID-19 Tax and Labour measures2020-03-26
Spain - How COVID-19 affects contractual obligations2020-03-26
Ukraine - COVID 19 and Clinical Trials2020-03-26
Ukraine - COVID 19 and simplified rules for importing medical devices2020-03-26
Ukraine - COVID 19 and how business works with restrictions2020-03-26
United States - Department of Labor Issues Initial Guidance Regarding Families2020-03-26
United States - Expect Delays in Merger Reviews by FTC and DOJ During COVID-19 Restrictions2020-03-26
Australia: Covid-19: what to consider when adapting your business model2020-03-25
Canada - COVID 19: Immigration update March 25 20202020-03-25
Colombia - Government tax measures due to COVID-192020-03-25
Canada - COVID 19: Cross Country Update - March 25 20202020-03-25

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