Adam Cooke

Executive Director

Adam leads the Global Office in the day-to-day running of the Association. He liaises with the Chairman on a regular basis. His remit includes developing and maintaining a distinctive corporate identity and brand for Multilaw and identifying and cultivating opportunities for co-operation on global business development initiatives.  Strategy is an important area of focus for him and he reports on this to the Executive Council at periodic meetings. Nurturing and maintaining the existing membership of Multilaw by developing a strong, innovative and relevant package of services to members is a key aspect of his role as is strengthening the Association by recruiting appropriate new firms ensuring that all firms are visited and vetted prior to being invited to join.

Caroline Kerr-Martin

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Caroline is responsible for marketing and business development across the organisation. Her role includes client development and management ensuring that clients' needs are met across the network and exploring ways to enhance the service delivery model for clients. Her remit covers member engagement and maximising firm referrals through regional, practice and industry group initiatives. On the marketing side, she is responsible for developing a strong corporate identity and increasing visibility across our key markets through content marketing. She is involved in shaping the organisational strategy and has overall responsibility for the implementation of the business development and marketing plan.

Flora Simpson

Events Manager

Flora is responsible for managing and executing Multilaw’s programme of events and conferences, working closely with Multilaw member firms to ensure that the events programme is interesting and informative for all network members.

Matthew Hardeman

Network Growth Manager

Matthew is our Manager for Network Growth. His remit is a wide one ranging from assisting with recruitment of new member firms to helping with increasing referrals.

Daniel Moniz

Digital Analytics Executive

Daniel is responsible for digital resources and managing organisation analytics to quantify the success of Multilaw projects. He also assists the Chair and Executive Director in the day to day planning and organisation.

Gabriela De Jesus

Digital Intern

Gabriela assists the Digital Analytics Executive with the managing and maintaining of digital resources, and development of new digital guides. She also assists with the preparation of Multilaw Events and administrative activities.

Sorin Leonte

Graduate Intern

Sorin assists our Network Growth team, researching for potential new members and gathering data in the areas where Multilaw is already active.