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Financial advisory and broking services including robo advisory and auto-trading
FinTechs belonging to this category offer advisory and broking services for investments usually via an internet platform.

Robo advisory services usually offer an investment proposition following a series of questions concerning the personal financial background and the risk-bearing capacity of the user. Sometimes the respective platform also enables the user to directly execute the proposed investment. 

Auto-trading concerns all services which automatically trade on behalf of the customer according to his or her specifications.

Apart from that some FinTechs collect and offer merely or as an ancillary service market information or operate comparison portals to increase the transparency of the capital markets and to help the investor with his decision-making. 

There are also FinTech-advertising-services which advertise various financial services or products.


Attitude of the country towards modern financial advisory and broking services

Overall, the SEC tends to deregulate consulting services in Thailand. Overseas companies may apply for one-time registration with the SEC in order to provide “general advice” to Thai investors, for which they are not required to apply for an investment advisory license. The general advice can be given via any means and media, including online. 

In addition, local asset management firms and Thai-licensed intermediaries may bring in qualified overseas personnel from foreign fund houses to Thailand in order to provide Thai customers with information or advice relating to investment in capital markets products denominated in foreign currency, subject to certain rules and requirements.

Legal affairs

Obligations and requirements to provide financial advisory and broking services, or ancillary services described above

Financial advisory service is not subject to a licensing requirement, but it must register and obtain approval from the SEC. A financial advisor must ensure that companies disclose thorough, accurate and sufficient information for investors to make informed decisions. Financial advisory services must also provide opinions to shareholders if listed companies are involved in significant transactions that could affect rights and interests of the shareholders, such as mergers and acquisition transactions, related party transactions, and acquisition or disposal of assets. 

The application fee for approval of a financial advisor is THB 500,000 (approx. USD 14,900) per application, and the application fee for approval of a financial advisory supervisor is THB 10,000 (approx. USD 300) per person.

Additional comments regarding the legal situation for financial advisory and broking services, or adjacent services or what FinTech’s must be aware of in this business area

Since 2020, digital asset advisory services have been considered a separated business from financial advisory services and are subject to the Royal Decree on Digital Asset Businesses B.E. 2561 (2018), which requires a separate digital asset advisory license.

Economic conditions

Market size for financial advisory and broking services as well as adjacent services and biggest companies in this business area

The SEC’s 2020 annual report shows that the securities brokerage industry in 2020 continued to experience positive growth, despite COVID-19 and the various government responses to it.

The revenue of securities underwriting, and financial advisory businesses was THB 2.9 billion (approx. USD 86.6 million), a decrease of 15% YOY, in line with the unfavourable capital market conditions during the COVID-19 situation.

Additional comments regarding the economic situation for financial advisory and broking services as well as adjacent services or what FinTech&

rsquo;s must be aware of in this business area Robo-advisory services are regulated by the SEC and are subject to licensing requirements under the Ministerial Regulation Concerning Granting of Approval for Undertaking Securities Business B.E. 2551 (2008). To operate Robo-advisory services in Thailand, a Type D license is required. 

The application fee for a Type D license is THB 30,000 (approx. USD 1,000) per application, and Type-D license fees amount to THB 30,000 per license.



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