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InsurTech is composed of the words “insurance” and “technology”. It is used as a collective term for the application of modern technologies in the domain of insurance services.

Digital and mobile brokers: FinTechs belonging to this category mostly act as digital insurance brokers and provide users with an overview of their insurance contracts with their respective conditions. Some FinTechs offer very short-term insurance contracts to cover specific cases which can be concluded often spontaneously via mobile devices. Oftentimes additional consulting services are offered.

Internet of things: FinTechs belonging to this category collect data by measuring for example the driving style of the customers or through wearables the customers wear to consult on, offer and/or manage the customer’s insurances.


Attitude of the country towards InsurTech-services

Portugal has been affirming itself as a country that is friendly to technological innovation, so there is no institutional or civil society resistance to the development of InsurTech.

The Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões (ASF) – the Portuguese Insurance Regulator – has already formally expressed its support for technological innovation. The regulator says that it is present in several initiatives, organisations, and events, in order to accompany the technological evolution in the financial area in general and specifically in the scope of insurance and pension funds.

On the other hand, and within the scope of its supervisory powers, it also adds that the ASF has an active role in the digital ecosystem, balancing benefits and risks for the consumer and the market, within a balanced regulatory framework that allows it to provide a high level of consumer protection without unnecessary barriers to innovation.

In short, we can say that concerns are lawful and only relate to matters such as data protection or consumer rights.

Finally, the "Portugal FinLab" is one (1) of the most relevant InsurTech initiatives in Portugal, providing direct contact between innovators and regulators. This is a platform where the ASF directly monitors the progress of InsurTechs, actively contributing to the identification of regulatory issues linked to the start-ups' or incumbent institutions' business models.

Moreover, ASF is perfectly aligned with the European initiatives to promote FinTech, namely under the European Commission's Financial Technology Action Plan which, since 2018, outlines the guidelines for a more competitive and innovative financial sector.

Legal affairs

Obligations and requirements to provide InsurTech-services

The costs and requirements under consideration are the same for all insurance companies, and there is no discrimination between their status as InsurTech or as traditional companies. Indeed, InsurTech designation is not a legally attributable status. It is based merely on a finding of fact about their business and operating model. Therefore, the foundation of Insurance Law in Portugal is made up of three (3) diplomas:

  • Law no. 147/2015, of 9 September, which approved the legal regime for access to and exercise of insurance and reinsurance activity;
  • Decree-Law no. 72/2008, of 16 April, which approved the legal framework of the insurance contract; and
  • Law no. 7/2019, of 16 January, which approved the legal framework for insurance and reinsurance distribution.  
Law no. 147/2015 provides that a person or legal entity that is established in Portugal may not, in principle, carry out any life or non-life business without first receiving the authorisation of the Portuguese reg



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