Payment services2.0000000000002Korea, Republic of352
Asset and portfolio management3.0000000000002Korea, Republic of353
Financial advisory and broking services including robo advisory and auto-trading4.0000000000002Korea, Republic of354
Trading platforms / social trading platforms / signal following5.0000000000002Korea, Republic of364
Crowdfunding / crowdinvesting / crowdlending6.0000000000002Korea, Republic of355
DLT and cryptocurrencies7.0000000000002Korea, Republic of356
Loan services / factoring / loan broking / finetrading8.0000000000002Korea, Republic of357
Identification9.0000000000002Korea, Republic of359
Online banking services9.0000000000002Korea, Republic of358
ICO / token sale10.0000000000002Korea, Republic of365
InsurTech11.0000000000002Korea, Republic of361
RegTech and compliance management12.0000000000002Korea, Republic of360
KYC requirements13.0000000000002Korea, Republic of362
Signature requirements14.0000000000002Korea, Republic of366



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