Seoul charity benefits from donations by Multilaw lawyers

Multilaw lawyers have generously donated US$3,860 to The Gonggam Human Rights Law Foundation at the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Seoul on 17 April.

The Gonggam Human Rights Law Foundation were selected as the local charity to receive donations from Multilaw lawyers as part of the Billable Hour Project. Through the Multilaw Billable Hour Project Multilaw raise funds from member firms and members individually to allow Multilaw, as an organisation, to make a significant cash donation to a local charity selected by each conference hosting firm and the Multilaw Academy.  The cash donation sought from each member is small – the monetary equivalent of just 1 billable hour each year.   

Gonggam Human Rights Law Foundation (formerly ‘Korean Public Interest Lawyers Group Gonggam’) is the first non-governmental organization in the Republic of Korea with a group of full-time lawyers devoted to protecting and promoting human rights of minorities, the underprivileged and the most vulnerable persons in Korean society and beyond. Gonggam is wholly financed by donations.

Gonggam has been a major player in public interest lawyering both in Korea and Asia e.g. playing a leading role in the enactment of 'Act on the Prohibition of Discrimination of Persons with Disabilities' and ‘Refugee Act’ for the first time among Asian countries and acting as the chair of two major regional human rights networks in Asia, the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) and the Asian Consortium for Human Rights Based Access to Justice.

Established in January 2004 as an offshoot of the Beautiful Foundation, Gonggam became an independent foundation in 2012 and Gonggam has grown from four to now eight lawyers who are recognized as experts in the newly developing area of public interest law.