The Labour & Employment practice group has produced a new 2014 edition of "How to Hire and Fire: A Global Guide"


The electronic book designed to make sense of the bewildering array of rules and regulations which come into play when businesses have to hire or fire employees. The book reflects the law in each jurisdiction as at 1 January 2014. It provides a simple way for HR practitioners and clients to get a quick, uncomplicated overview of basic employment law information from jurisdictions around the world.  Each chapter has been written by an experienced employment lawyer from Multilaw member firms, and is arranged in convenient chapters by jurisdiction.  Each chapter covers: 

  • sources of employment law;
  • types of employment agreement;
  • mandatory requirements in terms of rights and benefits; 
  • training; outsourcing and sub-contracting;
  • dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues;
  • discrimination;
  • harassment in the workplace;
  • maternity, paternity and family friendly provisions;
  • termination procedures;
  • severance payments and claims arising from termination

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