Multilaw members raise $5,000 for Dominican Republic based children's charity - Centro Cultural Turístico Guanín


Last week, at the Americas Regional Meeting welcome dinner and reception, attendees had the pleasure of being joined by the Centro Cultural Turístico Guanín Foundation who took the time to speak about the amazing work they do. Centro Cultural Turístico Guanín is a Dominican non-profit organisation located in the small town of La Piedra and aims to help young people to discover, develop, and achieve their full potential as adults, citizens, and leaders.

Since their founding in 2001 by Elias Severino, they have provided community development opportunities, along with educational, cultural, and social experiences for our young people and their families. Children can join during the early stages of infancy through the day care program. As they grow older, the Students are then enrolled in our bilingual education centre, where they learn Spanish and English, thanks to the dedication of local teachers, assistance from the Dominican government, and support from volunteers worldwide.

As many of you know Multilaw runs a billable hour project at each conference, we raise funds from Multilaw member firms and Multilaw members individually to allow Multilaw, as an organisation, to make a significant cash donation to a local charity. We are pleased to announce that Multilaw raised $5000 for the foundation. We would like to thank all the Multilaw members that donated.

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