Multilaw members raise €4,800 for Maltese based hospice - The Malta Hospice Movement


Last week, at the EMEA Regional Meeting welcome dinner and reception, attendees had the pleasure of being joined by The Malta Hospice Movement, who took the time to speak about the amazing work they do. The Malta Hospice Movement is an NGO whose primary role is to provide and promote palliative care from persons suffering from end of life cancer and motor neuron disease as well as other serious illnesses. 

They were recently gifted a site which will be converted into a brand new hospice,  and are in desperate need for donations to help furnish the hospice once the works are complete. 

As many of you know Multilaw runs a billable hour project at each conference, we raise funds from Multilaw member firms and Multilaw members individually to allow Multilaw, as an organisation, to make a significant cash donation to a local charity. We are pleased to announce that Multilaw raised €4800 for the foundation. We would like to thank all the Multilaw members that donated.

For more information on The Malta Hospice Movement please visit their website: 

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