Multilaw global employment law experts examine the issues of Protecting Data at 3 key stages: The Recruitment Process,  During Employment and Post Employment. 


The Multilaw Labour & Employment Group recently held a panel discussion during which our employment law experts drawn from around the globe explored issues arising from the interplay between employment law and data privacy in 3 different contexts: (i) at the recruitment stage, (ii) during employment and (iii) when an employee leaves. The event was filmed and has now been produced as 3 separate videos. The content will be of interest to HR Directors, in-house Counsel and other senior executives with responsibility for managing an international workforce.

Jon Heuvel                   UK (Shakespeare Martineau) (Chair)
Andrew Cripe              USA (Polsinelli)
Claudine Gemeiner    Germany (Heussen)
Simão de Sant'Ana     Portugal (Abreu Advogados)
Jeffrey Wilson              China (Jun He)
Rikisuke Yamanaka    Japan (Ushijima & Partners)