Wamae and Allen - International Arbitration on Mining Activities in Mrima Hill, Kenya

This is a claim for over Kshs.200 billion between Cortec Mining Kenya Limited (“CMK”), Cortec (Pty) Ltd (“Cortec UK”) and Stirling Capital Limited (“Stirling”), the claimants, and the Republic of Kenya, the respondent.

The claimants purport that they had been issued a license to carry out mining activities in Mrima Hill.

Mrima Hill, home to a natural forest, indigenous species and kayas, is located approximately 70 kilometres to the south of Mombasa in the southeast corner of Kenya, in Kwale County and covers approximately 376.8 hectares.

The respondents reiterated that Mrima Hill had been excluded from prospecting or mining activities not only by the Mining Commissioner but as well as by legislation protective of nature reserves, forestry and national monuments, all of these exclusions had to be addressed by authorities other than the Mining Commissioner before a prospecting licence could be issued.

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Originally published on 23 October 2018 by Wamae & Allen Advocates.

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