Opportunity in Bolivia Second call for communication of interest in Lithium Projects in Bolivia.

On January 26, 2024, the Bolivian Lithium Deposits Corporation ("YLB") initiated its Second Call under the Bolivian Evaporitic Resources Industrialization Project, titled "Call for Expressions of Interest in Project Development and Technology for the Utilization of Evaporitic Resources. This encompasses lithium and potassium, among other non-metallic resources found in Bolivia's vast salt flats.

YLB's CEO stated that the main goal of the Call is "to partner with the most committed companies... offering the best technological solutions for the state to make informed decisions."

In Bolivia, YLB is tasked with overseeing the management and advancement of Bolivia's lithium resources. The company's remit encompasses the exploration, extraction, and comprehensive industrialization of Bolivia's lithium deposits, which has the largest proven reserves of lithium in the world.

1. General Overview

Unlike the 2021 International Tender for Lithium Extraction by YLB ("the EDL Tender"), this Call is specifically aimed at piloting projects across seven Bolivian salt flats and will explore the entire lithium production chain.

The Process will unfold in five phases:

(i) initial submission of administrative and technical documents,

(ii) formulation of the project proposal,

(iii) demonstration of financial capabilities,

(iv) thorough evaluation of submitted proposals, and

(v) final negotiations leading to the signing of agreements.

2. Who Can Apply?

- Experience Required: The company must have executed or is currently executing at least one pilot or industrial project involving evaporitic resources in the last 5 years.

- Expertise on Board: The executive and managerial staff working on the project should have over 10 years of experience in related fields.

- Technology Ownership: Documentation proving ownership or usage rights is necessary if the project involves proprietary technology.

3. Application Process Overview

The application process consists of 5 phases:

- Phase I: Companies interested in the call must submit an Expression of Interest to YLB within 40 days, including basic company information, proof of past evaporitic projects, and professional experience of key staff.

- Phase II: Qualified companies are given 52 days to present their project proposals, aligning with the call's objectives and AACE standards. This includes potential site visits to the salt flats for a better understanding of the project environment.

- Phase III: Demonstrate the company's financial stability by presenting audited financial statements and obtaining a minimum A3 risk rating from a recognized rating agency, showcasing the ability to fund and sustain the proposed project.

- Phase IV: Undergo a meticulous evaluation of the project proposal by YLB's expert panel, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and alignment with the call's objectives. Receive feedback and recommendations for any necessary adjustments.

- Phase V: Engage in negotiations with YLB to finalize the terms and conditions of the project agreement. Successful negotiations will lead to the official signing of the agreement, marking the commencement of the project's execution phase.

4. Evaluation and Selection

- Compliance Check: YLB will review submissions for compliance using a straightforward "meets/does not meet" criteria, ensuring transparency and fairness.

- Proposal Evaluation: Submitted projects undergo thorough evaluation against set standards, focusing on innovation, feasibility, and alignment with project goals.

- Financial Capability: Demonstrating the financial strength with audited financial statements and a minimum A3 risk rating is crucial in the final stages.

5. Submission Details

- Digital vs. Physical: Documents can be submitted via email [email protected] or delivered in person at YLB's La Paz office.

- Language and Organization: All documents must be in Spanish and adequately indexed, ensuring they are easy to review and assess.

- Official Deadlines: Keep track of submission deadlines for each phase to ensure the application is considered timely.

6. Unique Collaboration Opportunity in the Lithium Triangle

This call represents not just an invitation to participate in an industrial tender but a unique opportunity to collaborate directly with the Bolivian State in the development and industrialization of the largest lithium reserve in the world. Participating companies will not only gain access to Bolivia's unparalleled lithium resources but also establish themselves as industry leaders in lithium innovation and sustainability.