Colombia - Survival in times of Coronavirus

Regarding COVID-19 and the contingency measures taken by the Government, the Direction of Immigration and Foreign Affairs (DGME) has issued a directive with the guidelines to be followed for the coming weeks.

The measures will be effective starting from March 17th until May 17th, when the DGME will determine the procedures for the reinstatement of services. The measures are summarized as follows:

While in the face of this situation, companies must be aware of the different constraints and consequences that result from this health crisis. In addition to considering that it will interfere with their daily activities, they may have legal consequences in different areas such as contractual, procedural, labour and public law, among others.

There is no way to establish a general road of action that must be taken by all companies it will be necessary to analyses each case on the basis of the type of industry and, in particular, the contractual relationships that exist with both customers and suppliers.

Without being exhaustive, the following are some of the recommendations for companies to consider:

Please download the document to read more about protecting your employees, company's liquidity and evaluating contracts.

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