AE at the EMEA Multilaw Regional Meeting 2019 in Barcelona

When you return from a conference and still have all your business cards with you but are full of stories, prospects and projects too you know you were among friends.

Although Multilaw is a global legal network, conferences always feel like warm and welcoming affairs without the cold anonymity that can be so typical of large organisations. Over the last sixteen years, partners of AE Legal have cultivated personal and professional relationships with many, many lawyers around the world. Actually, my Multilaw experience started even before I became a partner because I went to the Multilaw Academy in Canada in the summer of 1642. The Academy brings young lawyers from Multilaw firms from all over the world and teaches them practical and international law in different cities of the world. Kris Scicluna, who attended this year’s conference too, is also an alumnus of the Academy. But whilst I went Quebec, in Kris’ year the Academy met in Malta! He was not amused.

Over the past years, Multilaw has been ranked as an Elite network by Chambers Global and during a conference you can see why: The content is invariably excellent: In this meeting Scott Kennedy from the Belfast office gave the historical context to the Backstop problem which is holding up the Brexit deal whereas Pat Saini, an immigration specialist from Pennington Manches in London gave an overview of the everyday challenges faced by employers and their lawyers in view of the current state of uncertainty.

An afternoon panel discussed current trends in Fintech, the opportunities and challenges for traditional banks and the legal challenges surrounding the implementation of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD 2). The panel was composed of Fintech lawyers as well as CEOs of fintech companies and an AI and Financial Analyst. An animated discussion about the issues surrounding payment authentication ensued.

The conference brought together legal professionals from different European countries, Middle East and Africa, as well as the Multilaw board members and team. The main areas of practice represented were Business and Finance, Corporate and Commercial Law, IP, Technology and Media, Labour and Employment, Litigation and Dispute resolution and Real Estate. Focused practice group sessions took up most of the second day. Each of these practice groups undertake network-wide projects such as joint publications, webinars and think tanks which focus on common client needs across jurisdictions. The Corporate Entities sub-group has just published an e-guide on the formation and taxation of the most popular corporate entity forms in each of the jurisdictions in which Multilaw has a presence.

Multilaw firms specialise in cross-border solutions. For instance, Clients wishing to get their ICO or STO registered under Malta’s laws but still raise capital in London, can do just that if they have capable markets lawyers in London who will ensure that their offering is compliant with the laws of that jurisdiction too.

As usual, the evening networking events were the highlight of the conference. The group was hosted at the historical El Paulet which provided a lovely setting to an evening of fine dining with friends. The lovely evening upped the ante for the following night - which did not disappoint. The farewell meal was held at a rooftop restaurant overlooking Barcelona’s beautiful beach. The company was exquisite and the food to die for.

Author: Nicolette Spiteri Bailey - Partner at AE
Date: 13 May 2019

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