Malaysia - Looking Ahead: Sustainability Opportunities in International Arbitration

With the travel often involved in international arbitration stalled for the past year, its sustainable comeback has been a popular topic. The day-to-day familiarity of life changed with the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. But thankfully, the changes towards sustainability have continued to advance in 2021 as climate change issues are heard and receiving attention from governments, legislators and regulators. However, despite environmental issues gaining prominence, there is a growing recognition that more must be done to help save our planet. Some changes should outlast the current pandemic. One example is the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations (the Campaign), which aims to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the arbitration industry.
This objective is encapsulated in the Campaign’s Green Pledge which aims to not only raise awareness about international arbitration’s significant carbon footprint, but also to encourage and collaborate with relevant players to promote sustainability. As work from home (WFH) arrangements and remote dispute resolution proceedings become more commonplace, the pledge proposes sustainability measures through a Framework for the Adoption of the Green Protocols to reduce waste and unnecessary travel in arbitration proceedings.

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