Multilaw Academy


The Academy is an intensive training programme in international lawyering for mid to senior level lawyers at Multilaw firms.  The Academy faculty consists of a number of experienced partners from Multilaw member firms. The programme includes more than 35 hours of formal instruction, discussion and numerous hours of informal interaction.

To get a flavour of what the week entails from those who have experienced it, read the participant blog from Academy 2019 here 

Key Benefits of Attending

  • To get to know lawyers from other countries and build an international network
  • To learn about other jurisdictions and other cultures
  • To learn how to deal with cross-border issues
  • Learn about negotiating with different lawyers from different countries, cultures and legal backgrounds
  • To gain insight and greater knowledge about other legal systems


What previous participants have had to say about their Academy experience


What did you hope to achieve by attending the Academy?

  • Learn about the differences between civil and common law systems
  • Learn how to use Multilaw to maximise its advantages
  • Meeting other legal cultures and how to deal with them in daily practice
  • Building working relationships with the participants
  • Knowledge about legislation and regulation in different systems
  • Exchange different experiences

What was most valuable about this course?

  • It gave me the opportunity to get to know foreign colleagues, learn different cultures, realise that in our firm we are doing our work in a good manner according to international standards
  • Knowledge about common law systems and the personal approach to people
  • Making friends and contacts from other jurisdictions
  • The information about all the other jurisdictions.  The procedures of jurisdictions, the expert tips and cultural / legal insights
  • Insights, comparison between systems, balance between transactional work and litigation

Academy Faculty