Canada    FinTech Guide    Piyanuj "Lui" Ratprasatporn - Preface

Piyanuj "Lui" Ratprasatporn
Tilleke & Gibbins
Bangkok, Thailand

Piyanuj "Lui" Ratprasatporn
Chair, Multilaw
Partner; Director of Corporate and Commercial, Tilleke & Gibbins

As the banking and financial services industry continues to be revolutionized by financial technology, or FinTech, it is becoming increasingly clear that the industry is set to be disrupted on a scale which has never been seen before. Fintech applications that are already ubiquitous today – online banking, mobile payment, cryptocurrency, ICOs etc. – were unheard of even a decade ago, and the rate of innovation is accelerating at a dizzying pace. It is therefore vital for legal practitioners and their clients to have a grasp of the regulatory frameworks governing these inherently global technologies as they emerge.

Covering 21 jurisdictions and 15 key business areas, this guide aims to provide a clear, quick-reference guide to those legal and regulatory frameworks around the world. Conceived by the Banking & Finance Practice Group of Multilaw under the chairmanship of Dr. Andreas Walter of Schalast Rechtsanwälte mbB, this ambitious volume provides an easy-to-read overview of the barriers that you may face in different jurisdictions. As one of the world’s leading networks of independent law firms, with over 90 member firms in more than 100 countries, Multilaw is ideally placed to produce this guide, and member firms around the world have already contributed skilfully and enthusiastically.

The information in this guide provides a general overview at the time of publication and is not intended to be a comprehensive review of all legal developments nor should it be taken as opinion or legal advice on the matters covered. It is for general information purposes only and readers should take legal advice from a Multilaw member firm.

Publication Date: 1 May 2018