A panel of FinTech specialists from Multilaw member firms will provide a broad global overview of FinTech and a deeper dive into the FinTech landscape in the US, Canada and Europe. The panel will be a live moderated panel discussion with the opportunity for audience Q&A.

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Richard Levin, Polsinelli, USA Jerome Walker, Duane Morris, USA Jeffrey Roode, Miller Thomson, Canada Alexander Gebhard, Schalast, Germany


Adam Cooke, Executive Director, Multilaw


Richard Levin will provide a broad introductory overview of Fintech:

  • What is FinTech?
  • What are digital assets and blockchain technology?
  • Why should I care?
  • How is FinTech regulated in the United States, in Europe and Asia?

United States

Jerome Walker will provide an update on recent positions of key government agencies in the US that have influenced and will continue to influence the development of FinTech and FinTech companies’ ability to compete in financial services in the US, including key banking agencies, law enforcement agencies, the SEC, the US Department of the Treasury, key US congressional committees and international bodies.


Jeffrey Roode will provide a high-level overview of FinTech in Canada including:

  • How does the banking industry differ in Canada from the U.S. and how has that affected FinTech?
  • Who are the key regulators in Canada?
  • What cities are important for Canadian FinTech?
  • What are some examples of Canadian FinTech companies?


Alexander Gebhard will give an overview of the European FinTech landscape including a supervisory law-view and an update on the current status of blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO’s.