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Gerben Bosma
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Gerben Bosma has been a lawyer since 2001. He became a partner in 2008. Gerben mainly represents small and medium sized businesses, including various national businesses. He also represents private individuals with significant real estate holdings, farmers, and land and estate owners. Gerben provides consultancy and litigation services in disputes with the government regarding construction, spatial planning and the environment. He specialises in both administrative and civil law. He also handles disputes between private parties in the construction and real estate sector.

Gerben is an analytical thinker capable of rapidly identifying the essence of a problem. He subsequently keeps a steady focus on the main issue, ensuring no time and energy is wasted on peripheral matters. Gerben is highly driven and committed to his clients and their case. He can put matters into perspective where appropriate, and take a principled stance where necessary. With extensive knowledge of his field and a pleasant personalised approach, Gerben obtains optimal outcomes for his clients.

Additional positions:

Member of Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI)
Course lecturer
Writer of letters (scribent)
General Synod PKN Amersfoort (PGA)
District Synod of the Sint Joriskerk Amersfoort
2005 VBR-A/IBR private and administrative construction law
1996 Dutch Law at Utrecht University
Professional Associations
Association for Environmental Law
Association for Construction Law
Association for Administrative Law (VAR)
Utrecht Construction Society
International Bar Association
Published Articles
Languages Spoken
English, German

Practice Areas

Real Estate

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Bosselaar Strengers Legal Partners
Office Address:
Euclideslaan 111
+31 30 234 7 297
+31 30 234 7272
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+31 30 234 7 297
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+316 429 208 90

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