About the Community

We are a group of transactional lawyers from Multilaw firms.  The mission of the group is to enhance the practices of its members by providing opportunities through collaborative projects designed to (i) build upon their common interests and strengths in the development of their professional expertise and capability and (ii) facilitate the marketing of that expertise and capability both domestically and globally.

We all work with clients to design, document and complete business, corporate and commercial transactions. We all are involved in doing deals, drafting agreements, designing entities, creating deal structures, and negotiating transaction terms.  We all work with investment bankers, commercial bankers, accountants, CFO’s, CEO’s, COO’s and other senior management of clients.  The common nature of our work gives us a commonality of interests, attitudes and inclinations.

As a group, we focus on the links that bind us and use the differences in our practices as a means of mutual development. The transactional nature of what we do is a glue that can be found in the similarities of temperament, talent and market forces that are involved for all of us in (i) attracting deal/transactional work from clients, (ii) doing the work, and (iii) collecting the fees for the work we have done.

Finally our group serves as an umbrella for subgroups of members interested in the following topics:

Mergers and Acquisitions Team – This team deals with the field of mergers and acquisitions in the global, regional and national arenas from the perspectives of buyers, sellers, and other M&A professionals and intermediaries.
Commercial Transactions Team – This team deals with the types of transactions and related agreements that arise in the course of cross border commerce such as international sales and distribution, franchising, intellectual property licensing, construction and infrastructure development, the provision of services on a cross border basis, the ancillary agreements and documents related to joint ventures and other aspects of international commerce and trade.
Entity Selection, Structuring and Joint Ventures Team – This team deals with the legal nature and structure of the various types of business entities available in jurisdictions around the world and the factors that influence their selection for various types of transactions and enterprises. It also deals with the structuring and restructuring of business entities and the formation and operation of cross border joint ventures.
Corporate Funding Team – This team deals with all aspects of corporate funding, including, among other, debt and equity funding for both early stage and mature enterprises, the issuance of corporate debt in the marketplace, the function and use of funding vehicles such as private equity funds and venture funds, and the use of governmental funding mechanisms such as development banks and governmental funds.

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