Multilaw Pro Bono

Collective responsibility

The power of standing as one

We have a responsibility to change the world for good. In our work, geographically, economically and culturally, we make the world a smaller, more inclusive place. And through our pro bono projects, we strive to go even further. Together we have the power to make change happen. Multilaw as a network and our member firms carry out pro-bono work aiming to break down borders and barriers to success.


Billable Hours Project

At every Multilaw conference, our members raise funds and make a significant cash donation to a local charity in each conference location.

Total monetary donations
Invested in 30+ charities


Charities we have supported

Hours of Service Project

From volunteering at a food bank in Philadelphia to helping build a library in a Thai school, at the annual Multilaw Academy, up-and-coming associates offer their time to support a local community service project. See the impact