Multilaw is a global network of independent law firms

Multilaw is a leading global network of independent law firms.  It was founded in 1990 on the premise that an alliance of carefully selected, independent firms working together worldwide offered the most effective way of fulfilling clients’ international needs.  Today more than ever, business and corporate relationships frequently embrace ever-changing combinations of nations, continents, cultures, languages and laws. Performing effectively in this complex, global environment demands expert legal advice clients can rely on and with over 9000 lawyers in more than 150 commercial centres Multilaw is the perfect legal partner.

We take quality seriously. 

Before a new firm is selected and invited to join Multilaw we apply the most stringent due diligence and quality control procedures.  And a rigorous appraisal system is in place to ensure that our existing members are maintaining the professional and ethical conduct that are expected.

Clients come first.

Our members pride themselves on their legal acumen and their ability to provide practical, business-minded advice to clients. They not only understand the law; they understand the realities of the marketplace. Each member firm provides the unique experience and special insight required by its clients in its jurisdiction. Yet all member firms share a common approach in every area of service delivery by championing integrity, collaboration, professionalism and trust. Clients of our members are their most important asset and they range from major multinational corporations listed on the world’s most important stock exchanges to private individuals. 

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Our priority is to help our members deliver the best possible client services - everywhere, every day.